Die Terrorists Die
Welcome to Die Terrorists Die. This video once again features some amazing clips and images of various US and Allied Armed Forces, and is considered the sequel to Taliban Bodies. The music this time is "Die M.F. Die", by Dope, a band who grew up where I now live in West Palm Beach, FL. The song is hard, it's loud, and it pretty much makes my point to the terrorists clear - Die MF's!

While Taliban Bodies focused mainly on military weaponry and equipment, this new one is entirely dedicated to the men and woman who operate the machinery and put their lives on the line to fight for the rest of us. Almost every picture and clip used in Die Terrorists Die came directly from people in the service, including a bunch of shots taken in 2002, during the war in Afghanistan.

The new intro for this video is much shorter than the last one and gets straight to the point. It's an audio clip from a news conference with the voice of Donald Rumsfeld. The flag waving in the background was something I shot while visiting the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, in September 2001 (it's the flag on the right at that link).

It's taken a long time to get the video finished and I hope you'll find it worth the wait. I've enjoyed hearing from all of you and this one couldn't have been made without all the terrific material everyone sent in. Enjoy!

Explicit version: (clean version below)

Clean Version:

Music: Die MF Die by Dope off Life
Dope - Life - Die MF Die