Infantry has got to be my new current favorite on the site! This guy Garrett Flynn, who has a day job making video games, just did an amazing job on it. He first sent me a video back in December of 2004 and although I liked it, there was just something missing. So he kept at it and showed me this latest work about a month ago and I just had to post it online.

Garrett's brother is an Army Ranger who worked with him on getting the videos and pictures together. He actually had Garrett join the recruits for a while so we he could see what it was like in training where he got his butt whooped. That must have had an effect on him because he put together an amazing video that's being used now for recruiting from what he tells me.

The song is "The Messenjah" by P.O.D. off their Satellite album from 2002. It's a hot track with some nice effects and cool video clips and images you'll be sure to love. Let Garrett know what you think by emailing him here

Music: The Messenjah by P.O.D. off Satellite
P.O.D. - Satellite - The Messenjah