This video put a smile on my face when I heard the first line of lyrics! I won't spoil what those are but if you've ever heard "Sway" by Coal Chamber, you'll know what I'm talking about. It's a heavy, mean, loud and angry song which makes it perfect for GrouchyMedia.

The refrain of the song is used with some repeated footage but most of it is fresh and new throughout and contains a lot of new material. It covers the "shock and awe" opening in Iraq, ground combat, target practice, and night vision action. There is definitely a little something for everyone in there.

It was done by a staff sergeant in the Army who does training for Reserve and National Guard soldiers deploying overseas. He used prior GrouchyMedia video to help motivate people and grab their attention before deciding to make his own. So he came up with "Sway" and sent it in earlier this year to share with everyone else. If it doesn't grab your attention you must be dead so I think his work paid off!

** Warning: Contains Explicit Lyrics **

Music: Sway by Coal Chamber off Coal Chamber
Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber - Sway